Un-jumble the gridlocked blocks!
In this casual puzzle game, complete a series of challenges by untangling the colored pieces & sliding them to the goals.

This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam. We're working on an update! Follow us on Twitter to be notified.

Developed by:
Alex (Atikyne) — Programming, Level Design
Joshua (Criobite) — Art, Music & SFX, Programming

Special thanks to Cyral & other Patrons!


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https://puzzlebeast.com/conslide/index.html It's a old puzzle game like this game,but more difficult to solve.


Letgit made an account to comment on how much I enjoyed this game. Great work! Wishing there was more than 9 levels and infinitely amazed by your work in just 48 hr!

Hey thanks, we appreciate it! Keep an eye out for more news about this game. ;)

For some reason, it doesn't load on chrome. It works just fine on edge though. 


I want to see some fiendish levels. I don't think I could beat them, I just want to see 'em.


Liked the game. If you were expanding the game, maybe add some red herrings cuz once you solve the main part, everything becomes a lot easier.


I really appreciate the physicality this game has. It reminds me of a peg-sliding puzzle game my nana had at her house when I was a kid.


Cute puzzle game. I liked it. Maybe add some kinda new stuff later on. Like new blocks. But a very good jam game none the less


Cool, puzzler <3